Welcome to Her Temple

A Trauma-Sensitive Sanctuary for the Body, Heart, Mind, and Soul

About Us

Her Temple is a Healing Sanctuary for trauma of the mind, body, heart, and womb.

Our work supports you in alchemizing trauma into more Soul Power.

We offer alchemical trainings, courses, retreats, and 1x1 Somatic Yoga Therapy.

Why You Should Join Us

Trauma, big or small, can feel like it has taken all that is most precious to you.

Your sense of ease, safety, and autonomy. Your spiritual sanctitude. The health of your relationships. Your emotional balance. Your sexual expression, desire, and ease. Your power, confidence, and self esteem.

But, if there is one thing I’ve learned through my healing path, it’s that these things are NOT LOST. The soul fracture that trauma creates can be mended and healed – slowly, through love, pleasure, and ease.

You are on this webpage because you have the courage it takes to RECLAIM what has felt lost, broken, or stolen.

Her Temple was created to reconnect you to your unbreakable, sovereign Self. The part of you that is untouchable, and always pure.

Her Temple provides you with a safe and courageous space to move forward and slowly let go of the grip of the past… with more Soul Power than you’ve ever experienced before.

Welcome home, Goddess. This is YOUR SANCTUARY for healing, upleveling, and embodying the radiant, bright, and shiny being you were born to be.


Together, we will reclaim your soul power, your sacred sensuality, and your body as a living, breathing vehicle of Love.

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